Discover the Beauty of the Side Cross Necklace

Jewelry has long been a way of expressing our individuality.  Many of us are always on the look out for unique new jewelry pieces to add to our collection.  Recently, a new trend has emerged with the introduction of the sideways cross necklace.  An interesting twist on wearing a cross-shaped pendant, the cross is attached to the necklace chain at the top and bottom of the cross, resulting in it hanging on its side or laying down.

The Popularity of The Side Cross Necklace

Jeweled Silver Cross

The cross symbol has always been a very stable design in accessories and jewelry.  This is due to the symbol’s various meanings and representations both in history and religion.  It has remained a classic design for jewelry over the years, and many people have one or more crosses in their personal jewelry collection.

It isn’t possible to come up with one exact answer as to why the side cross necklace became so popular so quickly.  However, the desire for acquiring one of these necklaces has certainly been spurred on by its popularity with Hollywood stars and celebrities.

Photos have shown high-profile individuals like Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and Kourtney Kardashian wearing them.

Generally, the reason why this necklace has become very popular is because of the marketing attention it has received both online and in traditional markets. There is also a rise in the demand for side cross necklaces due to the promotions made by blogs and by online jewelry and fashion stores.

In fact, it isn’t just found in necklaces.  There is a growing assortment of other sideways cross jewelry available as well.

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How The Horizontal Cross Necklace Is Structured

A side cross necklace is a regular necklace that has a cross attached sideways as part of the chain.  The cross is connected at its top and bottom, and so it appears to be lying down on its side.  The chain can be either in gold or silver, and the cross itself might be made of different metals, gemstones, or colors.  The cross is a non-detachable pendant, and is made in a variety of different styles that are complemented by the attached chain.

The trend of the sideways cross has been very beneficial not only for jewelry enthusiasts, but also for jewelry manufacturers.   One of the advantages is that they don’t have to manufacture a clasp for the pendants, making the design simpler and more cost-effective on their end.

Shapes and Styles

  • Narrow Side Cross

This style is the style that was worn by Jennifer Lopez. The chain is thin and comes in different length sizes. A gold cross necklace compared to a silver cross necklace may look more sophisticated and classy, but it depends on the preference of the person wearing it. The advantage of wearing a skinny chain on this type of necklace is that you can wear it with anything.  It has a very delicate, flattering look.

  • Necklace with Colored Sideways Cross

This necklace still has a sideways cross design, but the exciting difference is that one can choose from various bright colors for the cross. One can also opt for a gold filled chain or a sterling silver one. This adds a little spunk to the traditional one-plated necklace.

  • Diamond Cross Necklace

This is still the same sideways cross jewelry that’s very much in trend right now. The obvious highlight of this necklace is the cross is made up of diamond studs. This style became more popular and in demand when the same style of necklace was worn by Lauren Conrad.

How To Wear It

Gold CrossThe good thing about the sideways cross necklace is that it is very wearable and can look good on any body shape or type. There are no limits as to how you can wear this accessory.  There are styles that are thick enough to be worn on their own, and there are those that are made of thin chains that might also be layered.  With these you might use three necklaces at the same time in varying lengths.

The gold chain with the diamond cross can especially be worn on certain festive occasions like parties or events. The one-plated chains can be worn casually everyday. One can also use this type of necklace along with other necklaces in different designs and dimensions.

Wear the chain so that the cross is centered in front for a more traditional look.  Or to create a more vogue look, shift the chain a few inches so that the cross is off-center and hanging either to the left or right.  Some are already designed to be worn in this off-center manner.

This may be the best gift suggestion one can have for giving any important woman or girl in your life, – mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, and nieces.  Or of course, it may be your own very special gift to yourself.